Telephony For Education

Telephone Systems In An Educational Environment

We understand communication is at the forefront within Education. Telephone systems now incorporate smart features to meet the demands of modern devices and tools which parents, staff and pupils now use to communicate. We help design a solution tailored around your specific needs to manage your day to day demands with ease and efficiency within your environment.

A modern telephone system incorporates incredible functionality, much of which can be tweaked and moulded around your operations and procedures to complement and enhance the communications within an education environment.

Our competitors simply look at your requirements as a basic puzzle; “How many lines are required, how many handsets and what type?” Where Future Voice excel, is by leveraging their vast experience in delivering telephony in education and bringing the bright ideas to the table, while simultaneously alleviating all of the current communications frustrations in an education environment.

‘Not all education environments are the same, but they all experience similar frustrations’

This document is designed to show key stakeholders within the education sector the capabilities of a modern system and how we can improve every users experience, from the senior leadership team, administration and teaching staff to parents – we’ll revolutionise the way you use your phones within your existing budgets.

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Endpoints For All User Types & BOYD Policies

(bring your own device)
Leverage your existing investment in Wi-Fi, tablets, laptops and users existing Smart Phones to transform how to reach your staff (this complements the usual desk based terminals).

Our solutions include software to:
  • Integrate a user’s mobile (iPhone and Android O/S) as an extension of the system. This software will use the schools Wi-Fi to switch calls to and from a mobile handset with no call costs. We can use the devices mobile data service to offer continuity of service when not in Wi-Fi range. This is particularly useful for the senior leadership team, IT and site managers and can eliminate the need for two way radios.
  • We can also offer the functionality above on an iPad/ tablet or laptop offering an education environment and its users a “communicate anywhere on any device” policy.

Call Recording

Any user can have the ability to press a key on any handset and start recording a call. When the call has finished a copy of the recording is emailed to the user – this feature has proved invaluable for every education environment that has implemented it.

Voice Over IP 'VoIP'

Reception Console Software

An excellent user interface to allow reception staff to manage incoming telephone calls quickly and more efficiently while showing presence of all users and devices including mobiles.

Virtual Users

A modern user no longer requires a dedicated phone, this is a virtual user or virtual extension number. This is particularly useful for staff that will be teaching in different classrooms and utilising various workspaces throughout the day.
A virtual user may also have a voice mailbox saving reception a lot of time getting messages to them.

This feature also integrates perfectly to “hot-desking” where a member of staff can enter their extension number and pass code into any terminal to make and receive calls under their own credentials. This is also an innovative way to manage call barring amongst users across your whole site.

Voice Mail Including Email Notification

All users can have a voice mailbox including virtual users. Copies of voice mail messages are automatically sent to the users email account making it very easy to present listen and manage messages, usually from a user’s PC or laptop.

Every message is time and date stamped and contains the incoming callers telephone number or name. A typical application for this is for teaching staff. They find this particularly useful to receive and manage their messages from the various locations they work from.

The staff designated to update SIMS (or similar applications) find this useful to help manage their workflow first thing in the morning when many of the calls are to report an absence.

Microsoft Outlook & Lync Integration

This software offers presence status of any system user/terminal directly into the users Outlook screen. The administration team find this particularly useful for the overflow calls from reception.

The software also allows for integration of Outlook Contact and call control all from a simple application.

Sims Integration

Auto Attendant

This is the heart of most educations environments telephony which when set up properly routes incoming calls quickly and efficiently around the school. A common way to set this up is with a day mode, night mode, holiday mode (for easy communication with skeleton staff outside of term time) and “disaster recovery” (snow mode) which can be activated remotely in the event of the school needing to close at short notice.

The system is also clever enough to remove certain options at different times of day or days of the week for example – there is little point having option 1 present to report a pupil’s absence at 3pm in the afternoon.

Calling Line ID Based Routing

For exceptional circumstances we can, for example, recognise a specific parents telephone number when they call in and route the call to the person within the school best suited to handle the call.

SIMS Integration With Mass Email & SMS Solution

  • Integrates the telephone system to SIMS so incoming calls (e.g. a parent calling in) “screen pops” relevant pupil information.
  • Great for identification purposes when English is an additional language.
  • Easier to keep SIMS up to date with parents new mobile numbers.
  • Can record all communication to and from every parent and/or carer (audit trail and contact history).
  • Advanced messaging - SMS, email and screen dial, you will no longer need to spend additional funds on SMS service, usually saving around £2-3k per annum.
  • OFSTED support – helps manage inclusion, attendance and absence chasing.
  • Demonstrates safeguarding – see alerts of any safeguarding situations every time you communicate with a parent about a child.

How we implement and project manage your new telephone system

What makes us truly unique is the time, care and support we put into every installation. We believe our 60 day post installation guarantees and sets our implementation process apart from our competitors.

Implementation Process


Meeting to discuss current communications frustrations and determine the requirements of a new communications system.


We bring a sample telephone system to your site at your convenience to show all stakeholders the key features and benefits of the new solution.


On receipt of your order we will engage our support department to discuss the fine detail around the programming and set up of the new solution. This level of planning up front ensures a smooth
transition to the new system and eliminates stress from stakeholders during the changeover process.

Provisioning and Management Of Network Services

As an Openreach partner we have direct access to provisioning portals so we can amend existing or implement new telephone lines in existing or new build environments. We also off an analysis and consolidation process free of charge which usually results in a large saving in line rental expenditure. We can also source new telephone lines with no installation costs saving a typical school or college over £1200 in Openreach installation fees.

Implementation Process

Whether in or out of term time, during the day or out of hours we can change over from your old telephone system to new with a downtime of less than 10 minutes. Out of hours changeovers for all education environments is provided free of charge if an installation in term time is required.

User and Administrator Training

We offer a wide range of training packages from reception and administration to the senior leadership team and teaching staff. Each user type has access to our full training package. System administrator programming is provided to in-house IT/ support staff where necessary. We also provide a comprehensive user friendly guide on how to use the system once we complete the installation and training process to distribute amongst staff who can work through this in their own time.

Annual Support

Our optional annual support packages include all parts and labour with a 4 hour response time for a major fault. Included is a managed service at no extra charge ensuring any programming changes are free of charge (at Christmas and New year for example).

Our Post-Installation Guarantee

We offer 60 days of unlimited support once a system is brought into service (usually used for programming changes and additional training and support). This ensures you never pay a penny more to ensure your system is fine-tuned to your environments requirements and key staff members are adequately trained on the key features a modern system brings.

You're In Good Company


  • Having worked with FVAD on multiple projects in the Leicester BSF Programme, I have found them to be professional, reliable and customer focussed. From early design meetings with clients, through to on site delivery they ensured that the customer’s requirements were understood and met and that the end users were trained to use the solution.

    All work was completed on time and they took on additional... Read more
    Project Manager
    Capita Managed IT Services
  • For the last few years I’ve been delivering schools where Telephony / VOIP were out of scope and so my understanding of what could be achieved and implemented wasn’t very advanced. Moving onto my next projects where VOIP was in scope, I’d been asked to use a supplier that I hadn’t been involved with, Future Voice and Data.

    From the start it was a positive experience with my initial engagements... Read more
    Project Manager
    Capita Managed IT Services
  • As a Project Manager (PM) delivering ICT in the Education sector for the best part of a decade, I have been supported by a vast number of partners across multiple solutions and programmes. Project success is determined by a number of factors, but the performance of our selected partner relationships is often key and paramount.

    The FV&D experience in Leicester has been very positive throughout... Read more
    Senior Project Manager
    Capita Manged IT Services
  • I have worked with Future Voice and Data on several implementations and found each project to run smoothly and as planned. Each stage of both projects was explained step by step and expectations set accordingly. The first project was to replace an existing system with new VoIP system. When the time came for install the equipment was delivered well in advance and the project started on time. The units were installed and the cutover happened as planned with good communication throughout. The training to staff was well received and the supporting notes were... Read more
    Sarah Treanor
    ICT Consultant, Ellesmere College
  • In all the years that I have been involved in education ICT projects, FVAD are by far the best subcontractor I have had the opportunity to work with. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond that which was expected of them and shown dedication in getting the solution right for the client.

    I would highly recommend them.
    David Beere
    Head of Education ICT Consultancy, Mace Group Ltd
  • My experience of working with Future Voice and Data has been a very positive one. The company worked with us to deliver new VOIP telephone systems to schools across Leicester, and have provided an exceptional standard of support and service to decision makers and technical staff.

    I am happy to convey my thanks to Future Voice and Data for excellent customer care and project delivery.
    Josie Fraser
    ICT Strategy Lead (Children's Capital), Leicester City Council
  • As part of the Leicester City’s building school for the future scheme, The City of Leicester College was awarded a new building and the telecommunications aspect was very important to us. We had been using a very outdated system for many years and the support in finding an excellent quality product that offered value for money was paramount.

    Future Voice and Data understood our requirements and guided us through every step of the journey, with... Read more
    Colleage Team
    City Of Leicester College
  • I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to Future Voice and Data for the excellent service that you have provided to the BSF Leicester programme. From the very first engagement, the professionalism of FVAD has been exemplary with a constant willingness and drive to deliver the highest level of service to both Capita and the end-users. FVADs ability to balance technical expertise with customer-facing skills has been a critical factor in guaranteeing successful delivery of the telephony solution.
    Program Manager
    Capita Managed IT Services